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About Corona Realty Inc.

A Great Commission Rate is Just the Beginning!

     Many homeowners have been led to believe that, when it comes to real estate sales, our minimum commission fees must come at the expense of reduced service, reduced REALTOR® experience and reduced marketing exposure.  With our brokerage, nothing could be further from the truth. Our brokerage provides Full Service, MLS® Exposure and Andrew Ielasi (the Broker of Record/President of our brokerage) has been in real estate sales since the early 1980s and a real estate broker since 1989.  Corona Realtly Inc. was founded in 1992.

     The level of service we provide is consistent with the rigorous requirements and expectations of RECO (the Real Estate Council of Ontario), OREA (the Ontario Real Estate Association), CREA (the Canadian Real Esate Association) and RAHB (the REALTORS® Association of Hamilton-Burlington).

     We're confident that our service will stack up against that provided by any of the traditional commission brokerages and REALTORS® in our area.  In fact, we encourage you to compare the level of service and marketing exposure that we provide with that of any other traditional commission REALTOR®. (About Our Services)

     Since 1995, our brokerage has been providing Full Service and our Minimum Commission to clients.  Our company was one of the first to offer and advertise our minimum commission fees and Full Services to Hamilton and surrounding areas.  This experience in selling properties using a minimum commission approach is invaluable to the homeowner wanting to receive a great commission rate.

     Experience, knowledge and qualifications are all factors to consider when choosing a REALTOR® to represent your interests.  Although there may be others who claim to provide similar commission structures, do they have the same level of service, knowledge, experience, full-time commitment and qualifications as Andrew Ielasi, broker of record / president of our company?  Do they have the same resources to properly market your home?  Are they dedicated and knowledgeable about providing Full Service and Minimum Commission?  Or rather, are they attempting to copy a strategy and concept that does not fit with the way they normally do business?  If their business is done charging traditional commission rates, then how will they be able to provide you the same level of service and charge you something different?  Examine our competitor's advertisements.  If they don't advertise their commission rates they may be employing a traditional commission rate strategy in their normal business.

     Our whole company has been reorganized to be able to provide you with minimum commissions without sacrificing any of the service.  Our approach is to effectively and efficiently manage our back office functions so that we can shift these resources to where it counts the most: our front line.  By doing this, we are able to provide our clients with a high level of service and extensive marketing of their property while also providing some of the most competitive commission rates in our area.

     It makes sense to us.  It's clear that this approach has a lot of appeal to our clients.  We think that one day this customer focused approach will be the way that most real estate brokerages will have to conduct their businesses.  For now, we're glad to do our part to move the industry forward towards what looks to be the next generation of real estate sales.